What Do You Need?

Perpetual Radar provides communication, donor relations, marketing, public relations, social media and event management support.

This is what we do.

  • Grant Proposals

  • Public Speaking

  • Develop Donor Relationships

  •  Special Events…we do Gala’s really well!

  •  Communicate with your Followers/Volunteers

  • Website and social media creation and management

Hire us for one month or two. One year or three. Whatever your need, there’s nothing we’ll enjoy more than helping you reach your goals and to  do that,  your passion will be our passion,  your cause our cause and YOUR 24/7 problem will be OUR 24/7 rapid response!

Please, contact us at the info below, we’d love to hear from you .

To hire PerpetualRadar,  receive a proposal or just talk to us, contact Dawn:

Twitter bird @perpetualradar


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The Dawn Montgomery