Situational Analysis

“Your 17 year old son’s soccer coach approaches you after last night’s game. The team has the opportunity to participate in a tournament a day’s drive away. The tournament is not until the end of the season. The problem is that the coach won’t have any funds left to pay for travel, food and fees. He/She does not want to go back to parents with more individual funding drives, given that they have already sold chocolates, raffle tickets and cookie dough in 200 pound buckets!

As a Fundraising Manager do you have any Funding for Soccer Team ideas for him to explore?

Based on your knowledge of Corporate Giving and Cause-Related Marketing develop:

A plan for obtaining corporate Sponsorship
A plan for undertaking some cause-related marketing

Be sure to provide the coach with some guidance as what corporations are looking for and practical examples of programs that could be done.”


From: Dawn Dinsdale-Hunt              

To: Coach Susan Lawrenson


Hi Sue!

Thanks to your hard work, our team has been invited to play in the end-of-season tournament in Ottawa!  Thanks also for giving me a heads-up there are insufficient funds to support travel, living and fee expenses.  

I spoke to the Chair, board members and parents and they agree:

  • Our team must attend
  • We will create Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Friends/family/other will be asked to transfer unwanted loyalty points to you
  • We’ll extend our stay by 24 hours to give the team the opportunity to explore our nation’s capital.

This is week two of a 14 week season, not leaving us much time to make application to, and receive responses from, corporate givers and sponsors, but cause-related marketing initiatives can be 60% – 100% instantaneous!

Our aim is to engage with corporations whose goals, ethics and expectations align with ours. The following corporate giving and cause-related funding plans follow.


“Corporate donations are gifts. Corporate sponsorships are part of brand marketing initiatives.”

 Corporate Sponsor:  Via Rail, Travel: Hamilton – Ottawa

YOUTH is one of Via Rail’s target funding audiences, who are encouraged to discover our country while being supported in their projects and leadership.

We meet the criteria for this sponsor, the turn-around time for applications is fast and I believe we stand a good chance of approval.

Corporate Sponsor:   Tim Hortons, Soft Drinks and Food

Our team of 17 year olds are too old to benefit from the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation but one local franchise owner, Ron Joyce is an old friend. Ron already supports one of our 4 – 9 year old junior soccer teams and he will provide us with soft drink, coffee and meal coupons for the team and accompanying adults while they’re in Ottawa.

Corporate Giver:  Wishes by Wyndham

Wishes by Wyndham is the Giving arm of Wyndham Hotels, parent company of Days Inn. Our ‘Exceptional’ application will be reviewed by the ‘Wishes by Wyndham’ Community Relations Council next month and we will be notified in writing if our request was accepted or denied the second week of the month.

Corporate Giver:   Days Inn, Accommodation – Ottawa

 Sue, each Days Inn management can approve requests up to a certain limit. Since September is a quiet month, please contact Days Inn Ottawa, who may be prepared to provide free accommodation for our party for two nights (make sure free breakfast and unlimited soft drinks are included!)


“Corporations partner with a charitable organization and then attach the good will of that organization to their products. A portion of sales returns to the charity.”

 Point-of-Sale Philanthropy:

POS is a method for raising substantial funds in a short timeframe. Sue, I’m sure you’ve been asked to donate one or two dollars when at a store check-out. Raising funds using POS would ensure tournament fees are available and could result in a long term relationship!

SportChek has three stores in the Hamilton area.

  • Prepare a solicitation for head office
  • Following approval (usually a matter of weeks)
  • Deliver the soccer ball ‘pin ups’ and then
  • Ensure a team member or parent presence every day at each store to establish credibility, transparency and accountability.

Face to Face: Small Business

About 60% of small business owners support sports teams, either in $$$ or with an equipment discount. That’s a great percentage! Distribute flyers and seek donations in malls, community centres, high streets, libraries, BIA’s and Chambers of Commerce.

Cause Related Marketing: Team Car Wash

Sue, with flyers and publicity from the community and our XYZ soccer media team, a weekend car wash throughout the summer will raise the team profile and be profitable.

!! Remember to Fundraise At Every Game !!



YOUTH is one of ViaRail’s target funding audiences. ViaRail encourages young Canadians to discover our country, while supporting their projects and leadership.

 Avon Canada:

Global philanthropy is at the core of this company. A partnership of corporate philanthropy and public charity is focused on two core areas: eradicating breast cancer and ending violence against women.

Canadian Pacific Railway:

The community investment program focuses on improving the heart health of men, women and children in communities across North America

Tim Hortons:

The Timbits Minor Sports Program is a community-oriented sponsorship program that currently supports more than 300,000 children on teams in hockey, soccer, ringette, lacrosse, softball and baseball leagues in Canada and the United States. The sponsorship includes jerseys, coaching tools, participation medals and a local “Timbits Jamboree” to help kick off, or wrap up each season.


 Point-of-Sale Philanthropy:

Sue, the figures are impressive:

  • Children’s Miracle Network “Miracle Month of May” campaign raised > $1 million
  • Walmart Canada raised $10.1 million through various point-of-sales campaigns
  • Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs McHappy Day raised $10,609 in one month

Alliances: Between For-Profit and Non-profit:

  • Canadian Pacific Hotels + The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Chevron Canada Resources + Calgary Leadership Awards
  • Canadian Airlines = Employee Community Initiatives

Face to Face: Small Business

  • 75% of small firms make financial donations
  • 60% sponsor local sports teams;
  • 50% promote local charities and donate their time
  • 25% donated employee time
  • only 1% reported no involvement.

Cause Related Marketing:

Products carrying the logo (Health Check™) indicate that the Heart and Stroke Foundation has deemed these products to be heart healthy.


 Sue, this is a great opportunity to tie-in with Via Rail’s sponsorship requirements and publicise our team.

  • Contact the MP’s representing our team and request a tour of Parliament buildings
  • Contact the Hamilton Spectator and ask that a videographer accompany the team for part of our visit

Thanks and good luck…although I know you’re not going to need it! Dawn